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Ovation Prime procedure


Ovation Prime System Stent Graft is performed with general or local anaesthetic.


Please click on the video below to see the whole process.


TECNOMEDIC started back in December 1980 with the distribution of medical devices in Andalucía and Extremadura regions. Later on, his distribution activities got expanded after becoming European & non European manufacturers sole distributor in Spain.

Nowadays, it provides the Health Sector with specialized material for vascular surgery and vascular radiology solutions, backing up medical health professionals and their needs, along the patients they take care of.


Our regional managers & product specialists, supported by our reps, transmit all the necessary trust to physicians.

This way our company fulfills all its commitments and manages to implement a “close relation” and “quick response” strategy.


TECNOMEDIC SL is located in Cordoba city, Andalucia region, southern Spain.

Cordoba has access to the right infrastructures that allow it to be connected virtually to any part of the country in less than 5 hours.

Malaga and Sevilla airports are 1 hour away driving and have flights to any other country in Europe

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